OEAMS - Organization Events and Asset Maintenance System

An all-in-one software for organizations ...

  • Assets - Maintains a record of all the valuable assets and other assets with pictures, track its movements and print any kind of related documents like 'Asset Summary and Consolidation' report and many more
  • Donations - helps to capture offerings received from donors; tracks all the donations and generates vital reports for audit compliance
  • Donors - adds/maintains the list of donors for every fiscal year
  • Events - maintains the list of events conducted/planning to conduct for every fiscal year; mainly helps to successfully manage the events
  • Provisions Inventory - an embedded inventory management system that helps to track the current inventory, procurement and utilisation of such inventory; a snapshot of entire inventory list can be printed efficiently. System-driven Recorder Management is inclusive too
  • Maintain Contacts - a feature that facilitates the maintenance of all the important contacts of donors, suppliers and volunteers of any organization; sends out newsletters to such contacts about important events and activities within organization
  • Staff & Leave Management - helps to create, maintain staff related details such as immigration permit documents, insurance documents, leave details and their local and overseas contacts. Also can configure their leave eligibility and their break down of their leave details
  • Print Address Labels - upports crystal clear formatted label printing