Since its very beginning, SASHTECH RESOURCES has been known as a process-oriented company. Our well-defined processes of Product Development, Product Management, Quality Assurance, Implement and Support working modules help us churn out high-quality solutions to benefit our clients. Moreover, instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, our processes are flexible enough to accommodate varied demands and needs of our customers.

Our processes are led by industry-recognised standards, metrics and procedures to ensure methodical and effective handling of complete product development cycle. Scientific and analytical procedures have enabled us to deliver mission-critical solutions with maximum precision to the agreed cost, time and quality demanded by our clients. All our practices comply with CMM Level 5 standards.

Our methodologies and processes are well demarcated from other forms of software development processes. Our process definitions help us to clearly differentiate between product development and project development. Our processes are attributed with a "continuous-evolvement" quality. They are monitored for their performances regularly and are updated on a periodic basis. All our processes are under constant observation from all aspects of product development. If any discrepancies ever creep into these processes, they are identified, tracked, analysed and rectified accordingly. In addition, they are also documented appropriately for future references.

Software Product Life cycle